Harmony deformer test

I really liked zeb’s test which can be found here


so I went a step further and added the fold and auto muscle modules to automate even more(it pretty much just a box which with deformers becomes an arm).


and the tutorial


and the curve deformer





Thanks so much for the great tutorials, James! They are a labor of love and well worth the effort!

Thanks for the kind comments.

I was actually going to rerecord it cause I made a mistake, but then decieded to leave it in and continue because I figured it might be a common mistake.

The curve deformer looks so fun and easy to create something amazing. Just not sure what yet :smiley:

At the moment I am trying to make all types of fireworks! I am looking forward to spend more time animating now my iphone/ipad app is almost finished which has taken way too much of time.