Harmony - deformer display

Using Harmony 10 right now,

Been having problems with deformors- when I add a deformer to the top of the character the whole thing seems to explode.
It looks normal in the render view, but the camera cannot display it properly.

Endabling the real-time antialiasing helps a little, but isn’t really accurate. It also makes it difficult to animate.

Is there some display setting in harmony or something we do to the video cards to help with this?
I’m using some kind of Linux - mint I think?

You shouldn’t use the Real-time anti-aliasing because it does a mini render every time you draw or move something. Use the Full-scene anti-aliasing instead if you want to have a smooth display of the lines.

If you see the right result in Render but not in OpenGL camera it sounds like you have an issue with the OpenGL display. This is controled by the graphic card you have and it’s driver. Do you have an NVidia card on that machine and did you update the drivers recently?

You might have a Linux flavor that doesn’t support correctly the card or something. We know that Fedora Core 14 is supported. Fecora Core 16 and Centos are not officially supported but seem to work.

Check to see if your hardware is supported first of all and then explore the driver for the card.

Thanks, stevemasson.

Me and the IT guy tried it on a bunch of computors and operating systems. and we get the same result. He’s going to call toomboom and work it out- so it’s out of my hands :D.