Harmony creates unwanted antialias on pixelated raster images


I’m working with an odd type of pipeline that involves importing pixelated image sequences into Harmony. I won’t get into too much detail, but I’m required to edit them in harmony, which sometimes involves repositioning, rescaling or rotating them. But every time I do so, Harmony creates antialias around the edges of the images. Some examples:

With vector drawing nodes, this can be prevented by going into the advanced tab of the node and setting the antialias quality to “none”, but that doesn’t work with raster images. I feel like there should be an option in Harmony to set the interpolation to “nearest neighbor” like in photoshop or an equivalent of that function, but I’m not able to find it anywhere.

It’s important that the images stay pixelated, does anybody know how to do this?

Just to know what Harmony version/build are you on, and OS?

What type of image format are you using?
How are you importing the image(s)?

Harmony’s strength is in vectors.

I’m on Harmony v 20.0.3 on macOS Catalina v 10.15.7, but I’ll get upgraded to Harmony 21 soon. The images are PNG sequences that I have to export from After Effects, and the problem happens regardless of if I keep as original bitmap or convert to toonboom drawing. It also happens with other formats like TIFF. I think the problem is a rendering / interpolation problem rather than anything to do with importing or the image formats used.

And yeah my workaround so far has been to trace over the raster images with vector whenever I have to scale or rotate the images and can’t get rid of the antialias. Believe me, I wish we were working with vector, but unfortunately this pipeline isn’t set up that way.

Thanks for your reply!

No problem, thanks for the info.
First, regardless I’d update Harmony 20 to the latest release 20.0.5.

I re-created what you did in your first post. But I made the checkerboard in Harmony 21 and exported it as a png. Then imported the png in a new 1080 project and added a peg to animate.


Scale with Rotate

Scale with Rotate (Render)

I didn’t get any wired edges, sorry if I took this too far.

Looks like your image did render with antialias, you can see it if you zoom in really far (the ones I uploaded in my original post were zoomed in at about 800%)

What I’m trying to get is something that looks like this: (this is zoomed in at 500% so those are all individual pixels)

This was made using a vector drawing and turning the antialias quality to “none” in the advanced tab of the node. Doing this on a raster layer doesn’t work though.