Harmony crashing when playing a simple animation

I’m doing simple sketch run cycles, and for whatever reason, Harmony today has decided to crash whenever I play (or rather, stop playing) a simple animation loop. First noticed it on a new file I was sketching in, but checked it against an older file that was working fine last week, same issue. Using the Render-play works fine, this is just when using the direct play buttons, when I hit play a second time to stop it.

Any recommendation for a standard error-check procedure, any way to flush a cache, reset a possible fouled-up setting, or anything? This is a rather crazy bug, not sure why it’s doing that.

Can you open Harmony, open a project that has crashed before. Make a copy of the project, close the project, reset everything in Harmony to default settings, close and restart Harmony, open the copy of the project and see if things are any different?

does that, assuming you mean reseting all preferences settings

That appears to have fixed it! I dunno why it happened in the first place.

I would love to know why that happened, can anybody fill me in so I know what to avoid? (I hadn’t even changed any preferences recently!)

Yes I meant restore everything including Preferences to default.

You should ask support about what might have lead to the problem.

Now that it is working properly again you could go in and customize things one by one starting with the most important things allowing time between each item for conflicts to show up.

You will likely hear from Support before venturing very far from the default settings depending on how much customization you like to work with.

What else can I reset that might help? I admit, I’ve used this and other TB products for a number of years, but I don’t tweak the settings much, so I don’t know what else I could reset that would fix it.

Not even sure what all prefs I use, I’m not major in my configuration. Mostly I like to turn up settings like multi-sample because I’m on a high-end desktop system (high-spec new iMac) but a small 12" cintiq, so I like getting as much detail and non-grainyness crammed in as I can.

Maybe that’s the problem, since when I went back to turn on a couple things, I bumped the sample rate to 4, turned on some advanced options like layers and palettes, and it did it again. So I went back, reset it again, set the layers/palettes on again, didn’t crash it that time. I think we have a winner.

Odd thing is, I’ve had that setting put on for a couple months without problem, only just now is it giving me difficulty.

This is something to discuss with Support. It really needs to be pinned down and identified. Maybe there is a routine maintenance process to prevent this from recurring. When you speak with Support please post a description of what they tell you in case anyone has a similar problem.