Harmony Crashing On Cintiq

Windows 10
i9-9900K CPU 3.60GHz

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 + Touch
(+ 2 screen monitors)
(Problem also happening with a XP-PEN 22 Artist)

Harmony 16

So I have this persisting problem happening:

When Harmony is opened on my Wacom Tablet, it crashes. I can see Harmony’s windows layout, but there is nothing (all white) in the camera view and I can’t do anything, it crashes AS SOON as it’s opened.

When Harmony is opened on my screen monitor, it works just fine and THEN I can drag the whole thing on my Wacom tablet and work.
At this point, if I switch from camera to drawing view, it crashes. I have to drag back the whole harmony window to my screen monitor and then do the switch.
I then drag it back to my Wacom tablet and work.

When I want to color pick a color from the camera or drawing view in the color swatches window, I have to do this operation on my screen monitor or the color picker only picks the ‘‘nothingness’’ grey of the harmony windows.

I have all the latest updates on everything. I tried to reinstalled everything. The problem persist. Any Ideas?

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I have the same issue. It’s such a pain…

Have you resolved your issue? Id like to know if you have any update on your problem.

Same problem here. It hasn’t crashed in awhile but Harmony does NOT seem to like being used with my Cintiq 21UX. I get all kinds of issues. When I click on the line tool the floating tool selection doesn’t show up. When I pick a colour it ALWAYS goes to white instead of the colour I picked. If I save a file while on the Cintiq, Harmony won’t open again. I have to disconnect the Cintiq, then reboot so it opens on my regular monitor. I have no issues at all with Harmony on my regular monitor.