harmony crashing non stop with new gaming laptop

Hi, I was recently given msi fast gaming laptop in order to be able to work during my travels. so this is a switch for me from mac.
the computer has a nvidia GTX1070 graphic card and lots of memory everywhere. it’s supposed to be a fast one.
unfortunately for now, after I connect another monitor or a cintiq, and move a couple of windows around, Harmony crashes.

I must say that the laptop has a 4K capability and therefore I imagine resolution issues could be the issue.

I have tried all kinds of setting adjustments, lowering the resolution to HD, but it makes no difference, (other than being actually able to read something in Harmony),

anyway, as long as I keep everything within the laptop screen, it’s fine, as soon as I move things it crashes. Well, Harmony crashes, not Windows.
it’s Windows 10 by the way.

I’ve tried trashing preferences, then saving workspace before quitting, but no luck. I’ve already been exchanging with the tech support who came up with all these suggestions.
could it be the video card that harmony can’t (yet) deal with?
in that case I’d need to know in order to return the computer asap.

any ideas before I lose my mind?