Harmony crashing at the opening, HELP !

I’ve been working on Harmony for quite a while now. I did several animations there without problems and everything has always worked well.
By wanting to open my recent animation, the page opens but crashes immediately afterwards without being able to touch anything and without having time to see my first drawings appear. (I tried to open the file directly and also open it in the software nothing helps).
When I create a new scene on the opening window, similarly, it crashes as soon as my new scene opens, having barely enough time to see the main interface.
I have looked on the internet and apparently the graphics card can play but so far it has never been a problem as it has worked great.
I haven’t touched anything more since the last time I did my animation and everything was fine.
I’m desperate. Anyone have a solution? It is urgent because it is my working tool and I have a lot of work to finish soon. I’m worried.
Thanks for your help !

-Morgane :slight_smile: