Harmony crashes when trying to convert brush line to pencil line

So im at my school using Harmony Premium. I have a drawing where I want to convert the line from brush line to pencil line. When I select the whole drawing > right click it > go to Convert > Brush Strokes to Pencil line. The computer thinks for about 2 seconds and then closes down with the only error message being a windows message poping up that says that Toonboom Harmony shut down.

I can only think that it has something to do with the computers memory capabilitys (Also if I try to convert a single line at the time it dosnt crash) but at the same time the computer should be fairly powerful, and the drawing fairly simple. So i still don’t get why its unable to do it.

If I was able to convert a whole drawing at a time, it would really help me out. Is their a way to fix this?

If you’re working with version 15.0.0 that should have been fixed in version 15.0.1, so the solution is to upgrade.

“Fixed crash when converting brush strokes to pencil lines.”