Harmony crashes after every playback

Hi, I’ve been using the trail for about a week now without any issues.

But today I’m having a pretty serious one. A very simple scene with just one drawing layer crashes to desktop after playback. Everytime.

I’m not sure if I’ve changed anything in the settings (pretty sure I haven’t)

I’m using a 2012 macbook retina, Nvidia graphics and 16gb of ram. And on the newest version OS El Capitan.

Anyone see this issue before?

I’d post the crash report but It goes over the character limit


Just an update- turning off the the option to use full scene rendering in the openGL tab seems to be a fix for this problem.

But the strange thing is that this was enabled for the past week, but now it seems to not work with my machine.

Any help would be appreciated because I would really like to keep using that feature.