Harmony crash on loading scene

This is a bit hard to define but I happened a few times after installing harmony 14 ( I use Adv ).
When loading a scene the program takes very long to load and many times it ends with a freeze so I have to quit the program.

I doesn´t seem to happen when I openthe first scene but when I have worked on a scene and want to load a new one then it happens.

Anyone else who this happened too.

I work on a PC with W10.

/ Mattias

Hi Mattias,

Do you have anything specific in those scenes like heavy backgrounds or textures?


No, very small scenes.
So i dont know why. did not happen with Harmony 12.
I see if any spec things that you could migh track a bug.

Mmmm… Could you post a bit more specs about your computer?

I personally use Windows 10 and Harmony 10.3 to Harmony 14 on my computer and I don’t experience the issue.

It could be something linked to the memory or hardware.

Are the scenes saved locally on your machine, server, or external hard drive?



Maybe the computer just had a bad day yesterday. today everythng seems to work good.

It is a good workstation so it should not really be any problems.
But there could be things in the new w 10 too.

Do you use a wacom on your w10?
Have you had any problems with that?

It doesnt really work like on w7. I think w10 have a driver of its own that sometimes get in conflict with wacom.

Not really in Harmony but sometimes the wacom doesn work so good. And to get the pressure sensitivy in photoshop some settings had to be changed in the pen settings.

/ Mattias

Hi Mattias,

I am glad things seem to be getting smoother. If it reoccurs, don’t hesitate to contact support so they can help you troubleshoot the issue.

On my Windows 10, I have a Wacom tablet and so far, I did not experience any issue.