Harmony- brush and frame not responding after several minutes of use

Since yesterday night, I have had a recurring issue whilst drawing/animating in Harmony 15.0. When drawing on the screen, the brush/general frame froze not allowing me to continue working. When I saved the file and reopened it, the lines I had drawn after the screen had frozen appeared. As I began to work again, this continually happened after a few minutes of use and has not stopped since (even after proceeding to close and reopen Harmony again several times). No use of a singular tool seems to be the cause of this error, so I believe it’s something more technical that I won’t be able to fix…? The program has worked fine 100% with no faults or errors up to this point, and I have an assignment due rather soon and am hoping to resolve this! (If video proof is needed I can easily record my screen!)

-Any help would be appreciated

Has there been any updated done recently to the Operating System?
Try closing any unnecessary programs and web pages in case this is
a resource-related problem. Beyond that…

Please contact support. It may require investigating the project and your system.

The system hasn’t been updated since earlier this month, and this issue happens even when nothing is open…?

What is the Operating System version?
Which antivirus program is installed?

I don’t understand what you mean:
“this issue happens even when nothing is open…?”
Please explain more about this.