Harmony: Backwards compatible?


So I am currently working on an animation project after my team won a grant of 10k. I use toon boom animate 3 (i’m not against upgrading, i’m just still comfortable with what I got). Right now I am the only animator on the project and I was considering bringing on somebody I know to help me with the workload. Problem is, she uses Adobe animate, not toon boom, but she said she could WORK with toon boom if she were to buy the software and we were to reimburse her using part of the grant. I’m considering it, but because I use an earlier version of toon boom and Harmony is the only purchasable version anymore I’m wondering if Harmony is backwards compatible, thus any files I send her she can open, get all the assets and create inbetweens for them and then send them back to me? Hopefully I explained that in a way that makes sense.

At least the last version of Animate and Animate Pro (Version 3) can be manually converted to Harmony files. This is done by sending the files to Toon Boom and they do the conversion. Once a Harmony file they are not backwards compatible.

Ideally, you should both be working with copies of the same level and version of Harmony. You could each have a different level (Essentials, Advanced, Premium) but one of you would have partially disabled features and the product would be going back and forth between the two levels. That might work. It might be a potential source of confusion.

Perhaps you could upgrade your own software to Harmony and find other animators with Harmony then decide whether outfitting the one you have in mind with Harmony is the best option.