Harmony at home.

I am experienced with Harmony in a studio situation I would like to freelance from home using Harmony. I was hoping to purchase Harmony, a new Mac Mini to use with my Yiynova MSP19U tablet and another monitor.

I am discouraged as it seems I need to be an IT expert and have a network (?) as I read the installation for Mac seems very technical.


Really? That complicated?
Would like to talk to home freelancers and how was installation for them. Maybe there is something I am misunderstanding.

I haven’t done anything yet just weighing my options.

Does any Mac Mini have the graphics muscle to run a Harmony animation project?

There is a missing word in these installation documents and that missing word is “Database”. You need to go through these steps if you are installing Harmony with the intention of setting up a database and sharing this between systems.

To install Harmony for working in offline mode you would just run the installer and then launch Stage after this is done to get the license wizard for activating the license. Take care to reboot after installing as this is a necessary step.

Thank you.

If you are goint to work at home you will install Harmony Standalone which is very straight forward. Just install it and register as you would do with any other software. There is no need to setup a database so, forget about that.