Harmony and Storyboard Pro subpixel drawing ?

Hi, I couldn’t find and info by searching online about this so I guess here is where I should ask ?
I wanted to know if Harmony and Storyboard Pro use subpixel resolution when drawing and if there is an option to enable it or if this is due to some glitch on my side.

The problem I have is from drawing zoomed out in both programs ( both harmony and storyboard pro seem to exhibit this issue)
The drawing tool seems to catch on pixels which means that zooming back in , lines will look jagged and staircased.

Just for precision, since i used the term “jagged lines”, this has nothing to do with the more frequently asked question about antialiasing previews.

Attached is a drawing that shows the problem :
On the left , something I drew from a zoomed out view and the second one drawn with the window taking more of the screen.

It’s important for me that my lines don’t look like this. It’s just a horrible loss of time to have to redraw everything to get rid of those artifacts.
I know using strong smoothing takes this issue away but that’s it’s whole can of worms. I don’t like the way my lines change and i’d rather keep smoothing to a minimum.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve seen this issue with drawing in other software on Windows: Photoshop, Paint, OpenToonz, PhotoLine, and many more. It is due to Windows. The only way to avoid it, is when the drawing software either compensates for this and/or offers a smoothing stroke stabilizer option while drawing. Photoshop, for example, still does not, and it requires a third-party tool (Lazy Nezumi) to fix it altogether.

Toonboom does have a smoothing option while drawing. Have you tried playing with that setting?

Also, I found it is imperative to map the Wacom to the drawing screen only, because of this same problem (it gets much worse).

Anyway, it is a Windows issue: it provides no pixel subsampling for the mouse cursor’s movements, as far as I am aware.

If you still encounter issues after trying the smoothing option, perhaps download Lazy Nezumi, and check if that resolves the issue.