Harmony AND Storyboard Pro barely functional, crashing.

So this morning I opened up Harmony 14 and I find the program running incredibly slow:

The brush has about a 20 second lag and rarely even registers what I draw.
Then the program will just crash randomly.
Sometimes the shape tool will work fine but as soon I try the brush or pencil tool or just about anything else, it runs really slow and will crash sometimes.
This goes for Storyboard Pro 5.5 as well

I don’t why it’s acting up like this, it’s been working fine until today.

I thought it might be the wacom driver ( I just recently made some custom settings for express keys and rocker ring for Harmony, Storyboard and photoshop but Photoshop seems to be working fine and I even deleted the presets just in case and Harmony/Storyboard are still not working.

Really don’t understand why I’m suddenly having this issue, I can’t use the programs at all

I have

MSI GT60 i7-2.4GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680M

*I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the programs as well as uninstalling the wacom driver and it still doesn’t work.
It seems the brush, pencil and lasso tools are making it crash for some reason

We have seen a few animator facing similar issues as yours.
A recent Windows update has modified the graphic card settings.
Try re-installing the graphic card driver and reboot the computer.

If for some reason that does not resolve the slowness issues,
contact support to have a look on your computer to investigate

What are you setting the express keys to do?
Normally I would not expect the tablet key settings
to result in slowness. Is there any more info you can
provide regarding when/how this slowness begins?

I updated my graphics driver and it works now, however, if I try to customize the express keys on my Cintiq 13HD, toon boom will start lagging again.

For now I just leave the express keys alone and it works. Hopefully this gets sorted out with the next update. Thanks again!

I set the keys and rocker ring to do things like go to the next frame/previous frame, zoom in and out, pan

I set those settings specifically for toon boom in the wacom properties menu, where you can tailor keys to different programs and I also do that for photoshop.

Photoshop has no problems but then when I try to open Harmony or storyboard pro and try to draw, the program lags, almost frozen. If I try to close or click anything else it says (not responding) in the windows bar. If I don’t do anything Harmony will resume but not register what I drew or it will draw part of some line that I didn’t draw. Otherwise it windows will as if I want to close the program

RIght now windows is up to date as is my graphics driver and wacom driver but I’m afraid to change settings for express keys in case it affects harmony or storyboard pro

The way to set the Wacom keys to do the actions in Harmony is to set them
to create the keyboard combinations (shortcuts) that are set in the preferences
of Harmony for the actions you want it to perform.

Keep in mind that many shortcuts in Harmony are context-sensitive to the
window or thing selected so make sure first that the right item has the mouse
focus before using the Wacom key to perform the action.

This solution worked for me: Delete your temp / log / cache files and restart the computer. Over time, if you have too many of these files laying around, the computer starts acting weird when connecting with these files and shows up in lagging form.

I have kind of a different problem I just got toon boom harmony essentials and can’t export my first animation
to a youtube file or facebook files or any other video format
is it just because I have essentials

Do you have Quicktime installed? On Windows 10 you the latest
Quicktime versions are broken so you need to install one before


this is a couple of months old but sounds like my issue, did you update your graphics driver to an older version or the latest one? I’m struggling with horrible lag and crashing as well on the drawing board