Harmony and Maya

I am trying to import a tree made using paint effects made in Maya into Harmony. I understand the file has to be .fbx format. Do I need to convert the paint effects into nurds before export.
I can import the object into Harmony but it has no colour/texture.
I have tried copying the .mb file and pasting it into the Harmony elements folder with the .fbx file - and then matching the names.
Thanks for any help on this.

this is a pretty complex pipeline, but there is some documention on TB’s website on how to do this. by no means do i consider myself an expert on this subject, but i am learning.

essentially, the FBX is a “placeholder” that harmony uses when you are animating the 3D element. tuck a maya batch module under your 3D element, and as long as your computer is set up properly, harmony will call to maya to properly render it when you hit the render view or render out a movie/image.

hope that helps.