Harmony and macbook pro retina


I’m about to buy a new macbook pro with retina display.

I run Harmony on an iMac and it works great but I’m not sure if Harmony supports the new retina displays.

Has any of you tried to run Harmony or Animate Pro in one of these retina macbooks?




Our products will run on a retina machine but we did not code anything specific to take advantage of this technology.


Too bad :frowning:

It would be nice to see Toon Boom products with a nice and modern interface as any other profesional and expensive software these days.

Thanks for the answer.

I have a MacBook Pro 2013 and it cannot render Maya 2014
It works if you do not need that.
I suggest dumping the Mac for TB products as setting up with Windows7/8 is much easier than the mess you go through with the command line in OSX.

Thanks for the advice.

Finally, I bought the macbook pro with retina display and I can tell that Harmony runs smoothly and without a problem so far.

Apart from that, I still think all Toon Boom products need a complete restyling of the entire interface. There’s so much wasted space, so big icons that leave you with small drawing, camera, network panels, which is what we really want to see.

It feels like you are running software from the `80s…you may thinkd this is not important but, if you spend more than 10 hours every day looking at this interface, believe me, you get tired of it.

By the way, maya 2015 works perfect in this laptop.

In mac system preferences you can set display to scale mode that uses more space, then Harmony would look better