Harmony and iMac internal Storage

I just purchased Harmony, which I will be putting on a new iMac computer. I also use CS5 for video. I am wondering which internal storage option to choose when I order the iMac. There are 3 - ATA Drive, Fusion Drive, or Flash Storage. Any comments or recommendations from anyone using these would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for replying to my question, and also mentioning how your system is set up. I chose the fusion option, because of the economy, but I can see how a pure flash drive would be faster overall.

Thank you for replying to my query. I did go with the fusion drive because of the cost. It was very helpful to hear different opinions regarding each option before I made a commitment.

The option I chose is the flash drive as the main system drive. It is much faster. I have my Harmony projects there in the main drive while I’m working on them. Once a project is finished I send it to an external usb drive.
I also have a time capsule for automatic backups.

Hope this helps.

You could go with either the fusion or the SSD/flash drive however the fusion drive offers flash memory and economical storage space in a single unit.

A fusion drive has 128GB of flash memory along with a hard disc.

Toon Boom software and supporting files need to reside on the same drive unlike, say, music software that can benefit from streaming data stored on a secondary drive.

The fusion drive functions as a single volume while offering flash and disc memory.

Flash memory is expensive and you would be throwing money away using it as static storage space (in this application) making the fusion drive the better option IMO.