Harmony and Cintiq Pro 16: Compatibility Issues

I need help getting a responsive brush from my Cintiq Pro 16. I’m using Harmony 12.2 on a PC (Windows 10), and getting awful feedback from the Cintiq pen stylus. The mouse can create a decent line, but everything from the stylus is garbage. I don’t even know if there is pressure sensitivity. Everything is a mess.

Any tricks or assistance is appreciated. I’ve updated all my drivers, and need to get this resolved ASAP. Thanks!

It would help to update the graphic card driver from the manufacturer’s website.
After that, uninstall the tablet driver and install this one instead:

Note that pressure sensitivity is also controlled by the QT Wintab tablet support
option on the “Advanced” tab of the Harmony Preferences (close and relaunch
Harmony after changing this setting)

Thanks! I followed your steps, and now my cintiq works and have pressure sensitivity in Harmony. However…I have a dual monitor display, and when I have it set to extend, I get a major offset with the stylus in Harmony. Everything I draw is three inches lower on the screen, or doesn’t show up at all.

When I duplicate both monitors, the problem goes away. Cleary, this is not a good long term solution (why have two monitors in the first place?) Anyone have a fix?

For this issue you would first need to make sure you’re not scaling
the display (i.e. leave it at 100%). Then uninstall ALL tablet drivers
and tablet preferences. Do a complete shutdown and restart of the
computer and install the latest Wacom driver and reboot again before
using the tablet utility to re-define the tablet preferences.

YES! Setting my displays to 100% fixed the offset problem, and I can now draw in Harmony with a dual monitor setup.

The UI scaling is annoyingly small, but I’m counting my blessings for now. Thanks!

Thank you for sharing!

Normally the way to fix tablet issues is to uninstall ALL tablet drivers and
tablet preference files on the computer. Then reboot and install the latest
driver. Use the tablet utility to make your new preferences.

I recently got an XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro ( https://www.xp-pen.com/product/479.html ) and I love it.

Unfortunately, like many others on the internet, I found that the pressure sensitivity did not work in Toon Boom .

your information solve my problem . make its working with Toon Boom Harmony really well.


Fuweng, so adjusting the settings let you use pressure sensitivity with your XP-Pen Artist 12 also on ToonBoom?
I am considering to buy it as well, but first I’d like to make sure this works well enough. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance in case you - or someone else - will answer!

Cheers * * *