Harmony and Cinema 4D

Is it possible to get a plugin for Harmony 12 to connect to Cinema 4D for rendering, similar to the one provided for Maya?
Is anyone here using Cinema 4D? It is far easier to use than Maya, and thanks to it’s nodal environment and houdini integration in many ways more powerful.

Exporting from Cinema 4D directly as FBX use only simple colour pots created in C4D.
As far as I know, Harmony can’t read any other Materials from Cinema 4D’s FBX-format.

Otherwise, export from Cinema 4D as Collada-File (.dea) and import those into Harmony.

Or, use Autodesk’s FBX Converter:

Convert your .dae files to .fbx, then import those files into Harmony.


but you can render an animated 3D PNG sequence and import into Harmony, but you have to plan out your animation with your 2D elements, I am probably going to buy Maya at some point and Model in Cinema 4D and import the Object files to Maya and save it as a file that imports with Harmony, Harmony should have made an 3D Object import option so all 3D objects could be imported without being restricted to the type of 3D software you have to use

Harmony 12 Premium has… File / Import / 3D Models…
As far as I know, Harmony is capable of importing FBX- and OBJ- (Wavefront) files from any 3D software.

Export your 3D object from any capable 3D package like Cinema 4D etc. in those formats,
and ready you go…

So far, apart from Maya, one has to render the scenes in Harmony, no direct back-connection for rendering yet.
Hope, that will change soon.

I tried your advice, only FBX files made in DAZ Studio imported perfectly into Harmony, when I tried Cinema 4D exporting wavefront Object files and FBX they import without any textures, I tried Baking the Object to make textures but it still imports as a grey Object