Harmony Advanced vs Animate Pro 3


Just wondering since I’m thinking of updating my Animate Pro 3 version to Harmony.
Does Animate Pro 3 have any features that Harmony Advanced lacks?

Since Pro 3 was the best version of the Animate version, I wasn’t sure if Harmony Advanced(being the middle version) might have
some features missing.


One glaring difference is that Advanced does not have the node system.

When Toon Boom introduced the three tier levels of Harmony they stacked the deck in favor of Premium. Animate Pro is closer to Harmony Premium than Harmony Advanced. To make this vividly clear, you would be stepping backwards transitioning from Animate Pro 3 to anything other than Premium.

You do gain great features stepping up to the top. There are many features in Premium making it worth consideration.

Wow, lacking the node system would be a downer.
I do traditional hand drawn animation only, meaning frame by frame, full animation. I assumed for my purpose Advanced might have been enough.
Having said that, when you upgrade you can still use the old software, meaning Animate Pro 3, as far as I know. My main interest is bitmap frame by frame animation
which Animate Pro 3 can’t do.

Yes, I have Animate Pro 3 and Harmony Premium running.

If you can live without a node system, I suspect TVPaint is better suited to your needs.

It feels refined when drawing/painting and offers many carefully considered and planned features.