Harmony Advanced Sound Exporting


I read that you cannot export .wav sound files using Harmony Advanced, and that only Harmony Premium offers that. Does this mean I cannot create and export a cartoon to YouTube with sound using Harmony Advanced?

.wav is audio only.

Youtube is for video.

Are you on Windows or OS X?

All levels of Harmony export video files, (I use OS X exclusively and do not follow Windows related news. I only know Apple dropped support for Quicktime on Windows. There should be an alternative available or coming.).

Premium does have the capability of exporting an audio file but not having that option with Advanced will not prevent you from producing video for Youtube.

If you specifically need a .wav file of the soundtrack you will just have to use a separate video editor.

It is not always the case but this time you get more in one program (Premium) than the lower levels (Advanced and Essentials) but it also costs more. The money saved might have to be invested anyway at some point making up for things that are missing in the lower levels.