Harmony Advanced slow/laggy while premium is fast/works fine


I have tried Harmony Advanced and Premium

What i noticed was that advanced was very laggy and slow, while premium ran fine and never lagged for me.

Was advanced optimized?

Why is it lagging while premium runs perfectly?

I ran Harmony Advanced for a few weeks just fine. Then it started to lag to the point were it was impossible to work. So I upgraded my 2011 Mac Mini to a Solid State hard drive and maxed out the ram. Unfortunately, Harmony is still lagging and is unusable. Any Help?

Whats strange is that premium has no issue like that even though it has MANY more features.

The problem is with Advanced and probably not your computer hardware as my computer specs are really high:

i7 4790k 4 ghz cpu
16 gb ddr3 ram
SSD drive

but advanced still lags, while premium (trial) ran without issues at all

Ron from customer support solved my problem.
Event though all my computer specs are pretty high, my video card is at the low end of what is necessary to run Harmony Advanced. It runs find when I’m working with just vector art but once I added a Particle System effect (which is bitmap) it hits it’s limit. Running only one monitor helps a bit.
Thanks Ron for the quick help.

That is what I suspected when I saw LiquidFORT not showing a graphics card. The graphics within the CPU will run the software but you really need a discrete graphics card.

Just speculating but it is possible that a node based system relieves the graphics pipeline compared with the software forced to run linearly/layers. Premium is the only one of the three H-12’s using nodes.

Also, all three Harmony 12 levels use the same engine. The two under Premium are restricted versions of Premium. This could inhibit their performance. Premium is the only one able to operate with full functionality the way everything is designed to be.

Ron in Support is good and has helped me a number of times.

My graphics card: Radeon ATI Radeon HD 5850 1 GB DDR5