Harmony Advanced on Surface Pro 4: Drawing glitch with multiple monitors

I have a serious bug with Harmony Advanced running on a Surface Pro 4 when a second display is connected. Simply put, the brush and line tools (when using the Surface Pen) are completely broken and unusable after I’ve connect a second monitor. When I disconnect the monitor, put the displays in “Duplicate these displays” mode or use a mouse, the drawing features work as expected. This bug does not occur in other apps such as Sketchbook Pro or Adobe Photoshop.

As an example, here are two layouts that demonstrate the issue. All the Harmony windows are located on screen 1, which is the Surface Pro and the primary display. Changing the primary display doesn’t help.

First layout: http://imgur.com/E0qLod2
Result when drawing a curved horizontal line in the “Drawing” window: http://imgur.com/QMU4knK

Second layout: http://imgur.com/GOvlYZc
Result when drawing a vertical line: http://imgur.com/r9EA0Qj

To confirm that this is due to multiple monitors, I disconnected the second monitor and drew the same vertical line, which showed correctly: http://imgur.com/6YdvkSh

I’ve tried restarting the device (with and without the second display connected). I’ve also tried re-downloading WinTab drivers for surface pro, and fiddled with the “Use WinTab support” setting in Preferences.

The idea is to dedicate a monitor to the timeline & camera view, and use the Surface for drawing, but this glitch makes it futile.


Harmony 14 does not feature dual monitor support. People still have utilized two screens with varying success. Some people manage to get three working although I recall at least a few having to manually do things each time they start the software (using three displays).

The trick to get two to work flawlessly is to immediately move the start up window to the second display before opening a project. Then it will repopulate the two displays with your saved workspace layout.

Your hardware is a factor. Resources are taxed. You need a relatively beefy graphics card.

With the Surface Pro 4 you need to use a specific driver for best results. The information should come up with a thorough search of the forum database.

None of this may help in your particular case. You should consult with a support tech to be certain.

Good luck.

Just to inform any future Surface surfers who might find this thread, I fixed the issue by wiping all pen related drivers in the Device Manager and rebooting. Works like a charm now with an extra display.