Harmony Advanced audio file flatline

Hello, I’ve started using Toon Boom Harmony Advanced and I’m having an issue.

If I import audio, the wave form is flat and the audio is silent.

Rendering and playing back gives an error message about being unable to process the audio.

It’s doing this regardless of mp3, wav or aiff file.

I’m running it on Windows 7 and it’s currently on free trial.

Hi CanaryOfAzurite!

Most often, this problem is caused by QuickTime either not being installed or not up to date.
Did you try updating QuickTime?


I’m Running Harmony advanced on windows 10 and it is a trail.
I also have the audio flat line problem.
I’ve tried updating I tunes but didn’t work.
Please help me.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Please help me…

I got the answer to my question. Now sound is being played.

what was the answer? im having trouble as well.