Harmony advanced (15) trial crashes when I try to import .psd files.

I downloaded the trial version of Harmony advanced. I create BG’s in krita. I export them as 16 bit photoshop images (.psd) with layers and using folders for each layer. When I try to import these files in Harmony, the software crashes.
Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

Hi vaggeliS_28396,

Thank you for reaching out.

I would like to obtain the BG that you’re trying to import so I can test and see what is creating this behavior.

Can you please send an email to desk@toonboom.com and include a link for the BG and steps taken to duplicate the behavior?

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

Hi Edgar. I think I found some kind of solution (but not a proper one). I downloaded the trial version of Harmony 16 premium. I saved my layered file in krita as a .psd and then opened it in gimp and then saved it again as a .psd file. Then, I was able to import it in Harmony layered. That will work for me but I am not sure if that is the best solution.