Harmony Advanced 14 Crashing constantly

My copy of Harmony Advanced 14 is crashing multiple times in an hour while doing cleanup
Im using El Capitan on an late 2014 5k retina Imac.
while doing Assisting and Inbetweening using the pencil, Select, Cutter and Eraser tools, i’ve been experiencing constant crashes.

I can provide a Crash Report if it will be helpful
has anyone been running into these cosntant crashes?

What’s the graphic card model?
How many monitors attached to the system?
What are their display resolutions?

What else is open on the system when this happens?

  • Programs
  • Web pages Loaded

A crash report might help, but often on Mac it’s just a bunch of
memory addresses without any real of the cause being provided.
In any case it might be better to contact support to have a look.