Harmony 9.2 + surface pro 3

I know it is an old version of Harmony but I am happy with it. I just bought a surface pro 3 and was looking forward to using harmony with it but there appears to be no pressure support for it.

Is there any way I can make this work?


i run harmony 11 on a surface pro2 at times with little problem but like already pointed out that version has a wacom digitizer on it (which also meant i had to download the driver). i actually really enjoy the SP2.

maybe there is an updated n-trig driver? do you have pressure support in PS?

I finally got it working by updating the drivers. I love it so much now. I can draw on the train :slight_smile:

Under Preferences in the Advanced Tab there should be a section titled Tablet Support. In that section there is an option to "Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support (Requires relaunch). UNCHECK this box. Then relaunch Harmony.

NOTE: I can confirm this is a necessary step to activate pressure sensitivity for Harmony 10 and up with N-Trig pens. Your version is probably the same.

that option doesn’t appear under mine :frowning:


Hmmmmm. Sorry about that :frowning:

Well, I’m fairly certain the issue is with Wintab. Have you installed the latest wintab drivers from the N-Trig site?


I will have a look thanks.

I would really love to get this working.