Harmony 9.2 has bugs. Unix/vim needed for set up

First, I must say TB has doen their best and been most helpful. And that I know nothing of the command line unix needed to set up the 2d/3d rendering. And I am not a typical Harmony user as I am more used to Animate Pro which simply launches, saves and renders.

I am using Harmony 9.2 stand alone on my MacPro early 2009 running 10.6.8 but now it has refused my license ket, some flex-ware problem. I activated single use key properly. My work has come to a halt as I am a two artist shop with no resident geek.

There’s also a bug that stops Harmony from rendering thru Maya if launched from the dock or double clicking, without a command line “open app”… but the fix to solve this has now locked me out of all my directories.

Any ideas of how to fix this would be welcome?

Harmony 9.2 is a great piece of software. A truly amazing product BUT it’s ideal for animators who can write unix, fix permissions with the Terminal.
It is not yet easy for Animate Pro users who have no experience of using the Bash shell or whatever it is that you NEED to set a directory path to Maya.

Also unlike Maya or Adobe the use of one key to a license means that IF as happened to me there is a corruption of data you are locked out of work. And over the weekend! I’l have to look into buying another key so as to avoid this down time in the future.

TB Tech have tried their best and TB customer support have been kind and generous. It’s just a little too 1986 having to use a command line unix to enable rendering and to have to manually place *.mb files in element folders.

I remain a TB customer of many years standing.

Hi Peter,

I worked with Francois today to find a solution to your problem, and we did find one. Francois will help you to fix it if he hasn’t already, but we needed to modify the environment.plist file. This was an error on our part not to investigate fully enough when you don’t launch the application from the command line, and I apologize for any inconvenience. We’ve done our best to solve the problem as quickly as we could.

The setup for 2D-3D integration is not easy, since two applications need to talk to each other in order to integrate. We will try to investigate ways of making the configuration more simple in the future.