Harmony 21 not launching on WIndows 11

I’ve upgraded my system to Windows 11 and Harmony no longer launches. The license wizard will launch, and I can login, but then nothing follows.
Anyone else having issues running Harmony under Windows 11?

It maybe best to contact support.

i am having the same issue, did they find a way to resolve?

I haven’t tried contacting support yet, (been working on mac since).
But will try reaching out today to see what they say!

I got a solution for this posted here:

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Has this been resolved I have installed 21 on my windows 11 computer, and it hangs after startup. I have uninstalled one drive, and it still does the issue looking for a resolution other than rolling back windows. i am using on a windows 11 machine.

Same here. It does not launch. Or launches and asks for license even though it was already validated successfully.