Harmony 21 Crashing on Start-up

Hello! I am a student, and I use Harmony very frequently. Recently, I noticed Harmony 20 was crashing for me, but I thought I just had corrupt files, so I downloaded Harmony 21. Now, whenever I try and start a new file, the program freezes up. My computer is more than capable of using Harmony, so I don’t know why I’m having this issue! My specs are Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060, Intel Core i7, plus a 500GB SSD. Are there any solutions for this?

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Today I have facing same problem.

Même problème avec Harmony 21.1 , et je ne suis pas la seule étudiante avec ce problème. Alors nous sommes preneuses pour une solution.

Harmony ne répond pas mais il utilise de 11 à 13 % du processeur, il semble y avoir une boucle infinie.


*** Windows 10 pro sur Alienware Aurora 12
I7-11700f ram;32Go GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080


If you have to work with Harmony 21, I would advice you to try using version 21.03 (on Windows it is HAR21-PRM-win-18334.exe), which seems to be the most stable one of that version.

21.1 actually represents a major switch within the software’s archetecture, coming with it own new bugs.

j’ai le meme probleme egalement j’ai essayé de réinstaller pleins de fois mais a chaque fois c’est pareil, la premiere fois ça semble marcher puis ça crash et quand je réouvre le logiciel ne réponds pas. mon ordi peut largement supporter toon boom donc je ne comprends pas

Hello everyone, I’m Loong
ToonBoom software needs to run on the GPU of the computer to support the full OpenGL instruction set.
Therefore, one of the reasons why the ToonBoom software crashes at startup may be that you are using a laptop computer and need to set up a separate GPU to run the ToonBoom software.

Nvidia graphics card

AMD graphics card