Harmony 2021 - Matte Parameter disabled?

Hi everyone, I’m having an unusual problem with Harmony 2021 that doesn’t occur in Harmony 2020. The ‘matte’ parameter in the timeline view doesn’t have the “drop layer here” option in Harmony 2021, meaning that I cannot create a cutter effect that accepts input (thus, no ability to create a clipping mask).

Pictured here is a screenshot of Harmony 21 missing the ‘drop layer here’ option: image

This is a screenshot of Harmony 2020: image

I am unable to drag layers into the matte parameter in Harmony 2021, while I AM able to do it in Harmony 2020.

Any help would be appreciated!

Matte parameters in TBH21.

Your screenshot of Harmony 21 is missing part of the picture, where is the ‘+plus/-minus’ next to your ‘extra(Drawing)’ that you used to open the ‘Matte’ option. The screenshot of Harmony 20 shows it?

Did you ‘Hide parameters View’ in the Timeline (Bottom left)?

This was the solution, I had parameters hidden! I must have this enabled by accident, thanks for pointing it out.