Harmony 20 - too many interface glitches and crashes

I am working on Harmony 20 for a week now and have quite a lot of problems with it.
Main problem - constant crashes. At least twice or three times per day. Good thing I autosave often, otherwise there would be a lot of lost work.
Sometimes the shortcut for creating empty drawing doesn’t work unless I click on the layer itself. Sometimes the onion skin stops working. Sometimes a tool icon gets stuck, so I cannot click and hold for opening the sub-menu with more tools. Often after such glitches the program just crashes.
Will have to switch back to 17 (and hope these bugs are not there too)…

Windows 10
Intel Core i9-9900K, CPU 3.6Ghz
RAM 64Gb
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060

Hi all,

This thread has been thoroughly derailed due to the hostility within it, so I am locking it to prevent further issue.

Should this hostility pour over into any other thread, all parties involved will be given an extended vacation from our forums.

If THAT is your true intent there is a way to present a problem and ask if anyone else is experiencing similar issues without making statements of conclusion rather than query with an open mind being accusatory and proclaiming “bug” every chance you get.

The title of this thread is an proclamation not a request for user feedback, (“Harmony 20 - too many interface glitches and crashes”)

It is obvious you come here to vent and seek vengeance for your frustrations.

COWARD, Dress up a pile of poop and it is still poop.

yes, doing it right now

Hi Soom!

If you don’t mind, please reach out to our support team at desk@toonboom.com and they’ll help figure out exactly what is going on with your setup that is causing crashes so often. The amount of crashing you are experiencing is definitely not normal and we’d like to get the bottom of it in case its a configuration error or something similar so we can help!

The one constant here is the User. Posting this and his other posts in a User forum instead of contacting Support directly SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT THIS GUY AND HIS AGENDA.

well, here comes the troll out of the cave. as if you have any knowledge of my interactions with the support team?! FIY I am constantly reporting issues directly to the support, and some of them actually get resolved, some have no solutions, and some actually do help pin point bugs, that are now on their to do list. I am always repeating the issues to the users forum, as it is a good practice to see if other users are having the same issues or not and it lets other users find answers to similar issues too. I would strongly suggest you mind your own business, if you have nothing to say on a subject instead of trashing other peoples threads.