Harmony 20 is now available!

Hi everyone!

Harmony 20 is now out! You can go get it here: https://www.toonboom.com/products/harmony

There are a ton of new features, so I encourage everyone to read the full release notes, but highlight features include:

The Weighted Deform Node - Which can be used to deform textures using pegs, curves and envelope deformers

New Lighting & Shading Node Additions - Which include Cast Shadow, Ambient Occlusion, Surface Maps, Light Shaders and more!

Advanced Colour environments and control - Users can now adjust the color accuracy of their projects within harmony 20, ensuring color profiles match when using external software.

Aligning Guides now work with drawing tools- You asked for it, we delivered!

Drawing Improvements For Artists Of All Levels - Harmony 20 includes over 25 qualify of life improvements aimed at making life easier for all levels of animator. Improvements include the ability to curve straight lines with mouse movements, the ability to delete points from a centerline curved brush stroke and so much more!

There is also a ton more to discuss, and if you want to read the full release notes you can here: https://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-20/premium/release-notes/harmony/harmony-20-release-notes.html

In addition to the above, we have a 56 second demo available here: https://youtu.be/hVyFr2K1hpE

Enjoy and join the Harmony 20 discussion on our community Discord here: https://discord.gg/syAjy4H

Nice please in the future we would like Toon boom to hav a 2d 3d plugin built in exported & Importer
For Adobe animate cc like e.g Goz for zbrush
Were u just export simply without swf format