Harmony 17 - wow that was fast

wow this update came out of nowhere, thanks TB folks! that is a massive fix-list!

release notes, in the “enhancements” section, it states:

“The Apply Parent Modifier’s Transformation property of Curve nodes has been renamed Apply Parrent Transformation.” – maybe wanna fix that typo :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback and flagging the typo! We appreciate it.

I would rather see this license wizard headache fixed once and for all before we get a new version but no
I uninstalled harmony 16 on my secondary machine, installed v17 on my main and trying to activate and get a

–Activation Failed - ERROR 1 - there is still a license installed on another computer that needs to be returned before upgrade can proceed–

ok, I happened to forget to return the license before uninstalling it… ok??
Thanks a bunch, now I have to download harmony 16 again on my second machine, install it , just to be able to return the code from that machine…
you see how this method is a headache toon boom?

…a few moments later…headache gone…

Did a quick test in H17 now, brushes are butter smooth, yay! well done! I can almost forgive you for license wizard return thingy… almost :slight_smile:

I’m very impressed with the brushes now. They are so natural to draw with and smooth and steady. They feel as good as Photoshop and Clip Studio brushes, so my compliments to the Toon Boom team! The other new features look great, too.

After a couple years of renting Harmony on and off, I think I will have to find a way to buy it outright!

It’s nice that these Toon Boom updates come so frequently with massive improvements. Some of the other 2D animation programs are really languishing right now, where they don’t update for 3 years or more and the users get restless. I’m glad Toon Boom has a lot of energy going.

Is yours a perpetual license version? You should not need to do anything except download and activate. You can run perpetual licenses concurrently. I have versions 12-16 installed and activated. Have not downloaded 17 yet.