Harmony 17 SHIFT - new key function, why?

My question is - Is there a way to change the Shift key functionality the way it was? Why did you change the shift key function? Why change something which is not broken and works perfectly?

I loved how the shift would do straight lines in all angles. Now it does this only on 90 degrees and additional holding of Alt is required for the original function.
My logic would dictate that the new function (90 degree angles) should be placed with the additional key press.

The main reason this is important to me, and probably not so important to others, is that as a left handed artist I need to cross my hands in order to hold Shift while drawing. With the new addition it makes it super uncomfortable for me to do that. I don’t want to make a custom keyboard only to be able to use a function which was there from the start, but now its changed for no reason.

I hope this makes sense to your designers and they can consider also left handed users. Is it not enough that my option tabs are always on the right (so crossing hands over the drawing all the time) without a possibility of changing the tools and the tabs positions, enough suffering for us?

So to re-cap

  • Old shift function
  • Left handed layout

Thank you

totally agree with you, that is my favorite shortcut
please give it back to the old way

Yes, the old way was perfect. Holding shift and alt is uncomfortable and after certain amount of time it applies the effect anyway.

Is there a work-around for this? I’m happy to re-bind keys etc, but even holding shift+alt doesn’t produce the same effect as holding shift used to have before.

Thank you for the very detailed feedback! I’ll be forwarding it along internally.

Maybe this is a matter of finding a different keyboard.

My Shift and Alt keys are mirrored so it is the same maneuver whether right or left handed.

Although I do agree that the 90 degree angle should be the one and only requiring two keys leaving Shift solo for all angles, until or if ever it is restored you could find a way that is less awkward with a different keyboard layout.

I agree! this change is terrible!!! It makes the shortcut useless, I have no idea why I would use the way it is now :frowning: