Harmony 17 Lagging UI Load

My workplace has deployed Harmony 17 Premium on several workstations. We are consistently experiencing severe performance lag in opening and closing the app or loading files. For instance:

42 seconds from clicking the New Scene Panel’s “Create Scene” to UI load.

58 seconds to redraw UI after selecting Windows>Restore Default Workspace on a blank scene.

30 seconds from File>Close (Discard changes) to get back to the New Scene Panel.

I know this is unusual, since the same operations take a few seconds or less on a laptop that is much lower spec.

Here are the Workstation specs. We have several of these and the performance is consistent on all of them.

Software Specs:
Harmony Premium 17.0.0 (14765)
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019, 64 Bit
DX Runtime 12.0

Hardware Specs:
Intel i9-7960X CPU @ 2.80GHz

Video card: Geforce RTX 2080
Driver version: 431.60

Might it be a display driver conflict? When I restore the default workspace, the app window resizes slightly smaller after the redraw. Then if I close the app from that state, the app window redraws to fill the screen again.

Hello Araya it would be better to contact support over this since it
may require some investigation and tests.

Here is something you can try in the meantime…

Right-click the desktop to open the “NVidia Control Panel”
Go to the section “Manage 3D Settings”
On the “Program Settings” tab make a custom profile for Harmony.

Set the “OpenGL Rendering GPU” to only the NVidia card
Set the “Power Management Mode” to “Prefer Maximum Performance”