Harmony 17 - Icon shortcuts on silent install


We need to deploy Harmony 17 to our environment and we’re facing a big problem.
When we use the silent switches - MSI or EXE install - the shortcuts aren’t in the desktop or start menu. But if we use the GUI installation, the shortcuts are created.

Any clue?


Hello Rodrigo!

This kind of issue is best answered by our support team, who you can reach at desk@toonboom.com!

Please include as much technical information as you can about your setup so they can help you swiftly.

Thank you!


Help Desk contact me and this is the full command line.
msiexec /i “c:\extractmsi\Toon Boom Harmony 17.xx Premium.msi” /qn ADDLOCAL=“MainShortcutsFeat,HarmonyFeat” /l C:\extractmsi\install.log

Hope can help others.


Thank you for sharing!