Harmony 17 crashing non stop

I paid for a permanent license that costed two thousand dollars and it annoys me that I cant even go 5 minutes in the program without it crashing! I literally load in do maybe 4 things such begin drawing, select what I drew, edit what I selected and then save and the moment it saves, if it even saves, it closes without ever letting me know what the cause could be. It’s been 2 hours of me trying to find a solution and uninstalling multiple things that I thought could be the problem (because it never let me know) and updating everything then un-installing the updates cause that didnt work and even re-installing the entire program itself and nothing. Please someone help cause I really wanted to pursue this hobby and use this program for the longest time now.

TIt’s a pain whith these happens.

I would say it is a graphic gard thing but as you say you updated all software it might be something else.

Best is to contact support:

It´s sad they dont have any support chat during the week end.

I hope you will get this solved.

the software does work, stick with it :slight_smile:

just did a new project from scratch in h17 premium (2017 macbook pro os 10.13).

if you have a support agreement (assuming you do, i think it comes with year of silver with a new license purchase), tb folks will indeed help you find a solution. i’ve done screen sharing with them before to unravel a major crashing-during-use issue that was occurring in h16 under specific conditions (an issue they’ve since resolved in h17).


Thank you so much for the explanation, that type of issues are normally due to the incorrect graphics card.

It’s very possible that your OS forced the use of your integrated Graphics Card that can’t handle OpenGL correctly and that will lead to a crash of the software.

I will share with you a video on how to create a profile, you can use those steps to any of our software.

See https://drive.google.com/file/d/142hcjJN4iHkrRn6J-r6KhEpCpz25XEeo/view?usp=sharing

If those steps don’t resolve the behavior, email us at desk@toonboom.com I will be glad to help you.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

it works perfectly now thank you for the helpful video!