Harmony 16... Too Soon?

Is it too early to start taking about the next iteration of Harmony…? I’ve got less than 2 months until my support contract runs out, so an announcement about 16 should be coming soon, yes?

The time has come…

Hopefully very soon…

15 was released in October 2017, I believe. I doubt a new version will be released less than one year from the previous one. I don’t think that ever happened. I would guess “before the end of the year”, but with luck maybe a bit before.

Its too early for harmony 16

If you are interested in 16 just make sure that you renew the support contract without a lapse so you are in good shape as you must be enrolled at the time they announce 16 in order to receive the upgrade as part of the contract.

I got an email from Toon Boom (about renewing my silver support) that said H16 would be released this month. This time last year 15 was already announced…

Anyone hear anything more about Harmony 16?

Nope. 15 was released over a year ago… We should have heard something by now.

Nope…, :confused:

Hello everybody,

We are working hard to release Harmony 16 as soon as possible.

Please stay tuned for November.

Best Regards

Marisa Labrador

So…next thursday then? :wink:

Looking forward to all the exciting fixes, enhancements and features…

A sneak peek video before the announcement would be pretty nice.

Sorry, I should have said Mid November.

But is coming soon, we are in the final steps.

Thank you everybody.


Nice to hear, thanks.