HARMONY 16 (premium) - feedback...


The timeline top bar is still same, it is soo small, and worst, the in-out work area (beginning-end) marker handles are still the same, those red and black blips. They are soo hard to
click on them because they are so tiny… I have to do it several times, can you at least make an option for a taller/bigger/clearer timeline bar with thicker handles where the user can actually select them at first attempt?

coming soon in a hotfix ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Odd, this was such a huge issue for me in previous versions but I found this version to have fixed it. It was such a huge pain because i’d pull the forward onion skin handle all the way in because I didn’t want to see forward drawings… then I’d want to pull it out again and it would be nearly impossible to click on that tiny thing. So I dunno!

Maybe there could be an option in settings where its like “Use Larger Timeline” or something.

while the Start and Stop handles certainly can be a pain to drag around, you can just click on the Start and Stop text in the Playback toolbar to set those handle at the current frame. They may look like just text, but they are actually buttons!

I’m actually quite enjoying this release. Many nice nips and tucks that improve the user experience.

Hey Frank, thanks for dropping by…

I actually stumbled on Start & Stop buttons recently (mouseover highlight while hovering over them gave it away somehow), nice surprise.
Trying to use those for setting in/out are but that doesn’t fix the main timeline being so small and tiny but.
It would be VERY welcome to make that bar twice taller, (red) Playhead as well for easy grabbing, and start/stop handles thicker, or at least have a mouseover " <->" drag icons for easy selecting…

Also adding ability to have shortcuts for Start & Stop would help.

I noticed another pretty annoying issue (this has been there for a long time) when I use my Wacom Intuos and click with the pen on different colors in the color menu, I almost always click and drag it above or below another color which is not what I want, I just want to select different color, not move it around in the list.
This happens when I select different brushes as well, I just want to select them, not accidentily move the color / brush on the list.

Some additional shortcuts for selecting next/previous brush & color and increase/decrease brush size shortcut would be very welcome. (I know about O shortcut for resizing brush but you never get precise scale)

Also a shortcut for switching between Open gl view and Render view would speed up workflow.


Start / Stop frame
Open gl / Render view
Jump between Camera/Drawing/Perspective view
Increase/Decrease brush size
Next/previous brush (selection)
Next/previous color (selection)

These shortcuts Im mentioning here doesn’t exist in the shortcuts menu but would be very nice if toon boom made them available for us, even if they would be empty its fine, we can enter own shortcuts.

Is it possible to have these shortcuts for the next hot fix patch version very soon? Like v16.0.1? :slight_smile:

I really dont want/can’t wait one year for this :confused:

Thanks in advance…

As for the “next/previous brush” I recommend playing with the Tool Presets Toolbar that allows you to customize commonly used brushes and pencils (as well as some other typically used Tools) and assign them to an icon (which can also be customized). Additionally, if you head into your prefs, you can assign these Presets a hotkey so swapping between them is quicker. Hope that helps!

Ahh, this sounds interesting, will look in to this. :slight_smile: