harmony 16 premium crashing on de-select

recently installed harmony 16.0.1 premium on a machine that hasn’t had any toonboom software on it before.

2017 macbook pro
mac os 10.3.2 - 16gb ram - radeon pro 560 4gb vram
wacom 27" cintiq (non-touch) w/ latest system software

in 2 separate projects (both newly-created projects with this new harmony installation, opened from internal ssd startup drive), i am finding a rather consistent issue where if i am using the main select tool, and i click into the background / off of any already-selected object, harmony crashes out and quits immediately.

  • doesn’t matter if i’ve been working for a while or if i open a project and try this action right away.

  • if i switch to a different tool first (say, the contour editor), then de-select via the click or escape key, no crash.

  • if i hit escape instead of clicking outside the selected object to de-select, no crash.

  • seemingly not influenced by how many other applications are open, computer restart, etc.

  • seemingly not influenced by the complexity of the selected drawing or overall scene, nor the visibility of other layers or canvas mode (open gl vs render)

very very frustrating. yes i found i could “work around” the issue by always remembering to escape or swap tools before de-selecting, but i work quickly and it is easy to inadvertently click to de-select, etc… been using harmony premium for many versions (on other, older macs) and have never had this problem until this h16 installation.

can probably screen-record a video of the issue occurring and snag the apple crash log that comes up, but wanted to start a discussion here, wondering if i’m the only one suffering this affliction.

I’m so sorry I was editing my post end up deleting all of them

Please email me at desk@toonboom.com and I will work with you on this issue.

But you’re right there an update by Win that generated issues like this and I assume you’re another of those cases.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

a few more observations on this issue, for anyone else that might be affected :

  • occurs in a new blank project, drawing a single stroke and doing the selection/de-selection cycle.

  • i must have my (main, cintiq) camera pane open, AND on a second monitor either a 2nd camera panel (which i always have done without trouble) or the drawing panel. tabbed window up on my 2nd display has the node view, a drawing view, and a camera view in respective tabs. if i have the node view tab active in this window (hiding the camera/drawing views), the crash does NOT occur.

  • it only seems to happen when i de-select-click with the wacom stylus (latest driver etc). using a mouse to click doesn’t trigger the crash.

hey, it looks like this is now fixed in h17! i didn’t see it noted as a fixed item in the (long!) h17 fix-list in the release notes, but i’m nonetheless very pleased it is fixed, this was a big problem for me!