Harmony 16 Lip Sync Problem-HELP

I’m working on this scene where there are two characters and they have a dialog.
I had seperate voice files. I’ve put one and with map lip-sync option, character 1 talks then character 2. But I have this other voice file which caharcter 1 talks again. And this time it doesnt work. I did the same things with the lip sync mapping and everything.
Any ideas why that is?

Each lip synch mapping needs to be done to it’s own audio file.
Beyond that, please explain in more detail…

Is the 2nd character’s audio not mapping at all or is it mapping wrongly somehow?
Keep in mind each character’s voice needs to be mapped to separate audio files.
If two characters talk in the same audio file - there is no way for the software to
assign the mapping to two separate mouth layers - they will both map all talking
mouth shapes.