Harmony 16 Language

I’m dying to try harmony 16 but I can’t get english working.

my pc is japanese so the language just defaults to japanese.

idk how i managed to get harmony 15 in english, but i did.

i found this page, tried the method and it still remained in japanese (i probably did it wrong because i dont really understand what its telling me to do)

im using windows 7 and i have a harmony premium desktop subscription.

Can you please try the following

Please do the following steps on your desktop shortcut;

  1. Right click on the Toon Boom Harmony
  2. Go to ‘Properties’ and on the target field add;
  3. (space)-lang en

You will have something like this;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 16.0 Premium\win64\bin\wstart.exe" HarmonyPremium.exe -lang en

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

thank you so much you saved me!!

Are you running on Mac or on Windows?

Looks like you didn’t see this at the bottom of the OP’s post: