Harmony 16 gpu compatibility

Hello everyone. Is NVIDIA GTX 1050 fast enough for rendering and will the program become laggy when editing effects like 3d rotating or mesh warp? I intend to buy a laptop which has 8gb of ram, i5 9300h and GTX 1050. If I do regular industrial cut out animation, will the render time (including the render view) of a frame be 2-5 seconds with GTX1050?

Not sure what exactly you are asking about. In case you are not aware: The CPU handles rendering of the video format you choose. The graphics card does on the fly rendering to the screen only.

If I had to point to the weakest link in this system it would be the 8GB RAM in the laptop, especially if you plan to hook up a larger monitor. If you are going to use the laptop’s screen that would be my personal choice for weakest link. I use Mac systems and the Retina screens are very very sharp so you would have an easier time with the software GUI. I don’t know if there is anything comparable for Windows systems. FWIW I built a Hackintosh using a GTX 970 and have Apple Cinema Displays but the NVIDIA is doing a very poor job with clarity. I never would have considered the 13" sized Macbook Pro but when I saw the clarity of its Retina screen I bought one.

How much VRAM is on your GTX 1050? They come with both 2GB and 3GB. Get the 3GB is it is available.

You cannot estimate the render time like you propose without including the content details because everything has to be factored in.

So the gpu is used for the render view, while cpu is used for actual video rendering?
That GTX 1050 has 4gb of vram like in many other budget gaming laptops nowadays.

According to the NVIDIA specs on their website only the Ti version has 4GB and you only identified yours as the 1050 so I looked up the two 1050 options.


You understood it correctly, the CPU is video/final rendering while the GPU is work in process related display rendering.

In case you don’t know, the 4gb vram GTX 1050 is exclusive for mobile/laptop version.