Harmony 15


I used to work for a client with Harmony 15.0.1
He provided a remote server licence, which comes now to and end, as our project finishes…

From now I’ll take the licence by myself to finish some others projects.
I’d like to buy a monthly licence for Harmony premium, but I need to be sure it will work with my already installed Harmony 15.

Can you tell me if it will be the case ?

thanks !

Best regards,

Hey! In the download page you’ll be able to download the version you want.
To know the version of your harmony you just have to open it and go to Help, there you open “About” and you can find the specific version!

Thanks to ask skymoon!!

I’m in the same situation.
I start again on a project made with harmony 15 and need to keepthis version. But I only find the link to buy harmony 17 on ToonBoom store. Does the activation work for both version? Or may I contact the commercial crew for buying the activation of my old harmony 15?



OK… so, as I understand, if I buy a licence, it will works for several version of Harmony, included my “old” 15.0.1.

That’s what I need to know… thanks !

Hello Xavier,

If you purchased Harmony 15 in the past, it will be in the “My Downloads” section of your account.

Our Gold Support offering also provides access to previous versions of our software, which you can find more information about here: https://www.toonboom.com/support/offerings

Hope this helps!