Harmony 15 Premium - Edit menu accumulates a continuous growing set of entries at bottom that are "Start Dictation...."

While editing with Harmony, if I leave the application open for a while (say 1/2 the day) I see that the Edit Menu accumulates a growing list of “Start Dictation…” entries that starts growing at the bottom. At the moment it does not appear to break anything but I’ve not needed to use this command specifically. In fact nothing I have been doing while this is happening has anything to do with sound. I may have headphones plugged into my MacBook Pro as I’m listening to tutorials on your web site but I’m not recording any audio I’m just drawing and animating.

While I would not say it is critical it obviously is not correct and should probably be looked at. I have found that saving/quitting the application and then restarting removes the extra menu entires but then it does start all over again.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the Edit Menu with the entries as well as a screen shot of my Harmony Version. I’m running a Mid2014 MacBookPro, MacOS 10.13.4

this has been happening to me for i feel like several harmony versions now (thus, for years.) dunno why it hasn’t been fixed yet, i’d guess it is a simple fix to the menu generation code (something contextual that is generating an internal error/loop.)

harmony drags on resolving UI bugs, at least on the mac side (good luck having your window panel locations remembered when you restart the software or even just open a new project. – another issue that has languished for years with no attempted fix.)