Harmony 15 Exposure Sheet Bug: Cannot cut a drawing out of the Exposure Sheet

In the old days of Harmony 14, when you cut exposures from a frame, the frame would become blank.
This would be the action of control-X key combination.

Not anymore.

This is the Windows edition of Harmony 15.

The command does not behave as expected. In fact, it creates a real mess!!!

It is bad enough to make the program unusable for me. It is a big, big bug.

You completely changed the function of the key combination when working with single exposures in the Exposure Sheet.

It also changes the function of the Cut Frames command in the Exposure Sheet.

I’m hitting Delete now for the function, but I believe I am eliminating (as in erasing) exposures forever.

I’ve tested the same scene in Harmony 14 and then in Harmony 15.

In Harmony 14, highlight a frame in an Exposure Sheet Column. Click Control-X and the drawing goes to a blank space in the exposure sheet.
If you want to replace the drawing, you can simply type in the frame number again (or click Undo).

In Harmony 15, If you do the same thing, other frames move in to replace the blank space. This happens no matter what preference settings you choose.

This has got to be a programming mistake. I can’t imagine it is being considered a feature.