Harmony 15 Crashing when creating new scene

Twice now Harmony 15 has crashed when I try and create a new scene from the workspace. It makes the new scenes folder and subfolder but not the xstage file.
Maybe others can corroborate and add information if they see it too.

I gather by “from the workspace” you mean once the software is open and running you choose File / New?

I never create scenes or open scenes after the software is running because it scrambles the dual screen workspace.

Yes, that is correct. When I have been working on a scene, and then choose File->New, sometimes it will crash.

How many times has it happened?

When this has occurred have you allowed time for the current project to save properly before initiating a new project?

I believe I have not done what I just described a couple of random times and crashed Harmony. At those times I have believed I understood what had happened. I see the same thing in other software.

I know I said I don’t open or initiate new projects once the software is open because it scrambles the dual workspace but I have done many things while experimenting and familiarizing myself with the software.