Harmony 15 bug - Centerline editor

The new centerline editor seems to be a bit buggy and unfinished. Maybe others can confirm they have similar issues?

Firstly, the tool properties shows ‘Contour Editor’ instead of options for the centerline editor when it is activated.

Secondly, I assumed it would work similar to the contour editor does for the pencil tool, but when I try and delete points, it doesn’t do so. It actually sometimes adds several more! Creating weird loops and things in the lines. I’m assuming this is a bug and not some crazy fractal mode…!

Other than that, all good!

I have not been able to delete any points using it.

Makes you wonder whether they released the beta instead of the final product.

They appear to have had the correct “Centerline Editor Options” in Tool Properties to create the image used for the documentation:

(NOTE: once again reCAPTCHA is going “full retard” and preventing me from posting the link)

So you are going to have to look in the documentation yourself:

Reference > Tool Properties > Centerline Editor …to see that the text says “Centerline Editor Options.”